Welcome To Hashtag

Over The last few years, Hashtag has advanced into a community where businesses from across Canada approach us to grow their brands online. We are a Digital Media agency that helps you communicate with the audience and create an online presence.

A Brand System That Reflects Our Beliefs.

When Hashtag first started, we mainly offered services with Social Media Management. And Even though it is still a very vital part of our offerings, our services are much wider than that. We specialize in Social Media Marketing & Management, Content Creation, SEO, PPC, Photo, Video Production, Branding, Web Design, PR and much more.

Meet your voice

When we create content for you, we want you to feel like we are your own voice, a teammate at work. Someone you like and trust, someone who is always on your side. Someone you can consult for guidance, encouragement and expertise. Someone who considers this not as just a “job”, but has a genuine interest in your brand and helps you become your best professional self.

Work That Captures Real People And Original Content

Our video and photography work shows the diverse styles and moments we have captured over the past few years. We document real people, their work, situations that they experience everyday.

A Warm And Cheerful Approach To Design

Our design, illustration, typography and colors convey that Hashtag as a brand is warm, humane and global. We have also recently updated our logo. We’re on track to make sure our design and brand is adjacent and inclusive to all our clients.

Our designs show creativity and connectivity between us and the clients.

Our color palette is warm and approachable. Mustard now complements the grey, black and white instead of dominating it. Accessibility and reliability was an indication for all our decisions.

Our logo is made of just two warm colors. It’s simpler, more modern, and helps our brand to stay memorable.

Our core shapes—a dialogue box and a hashtag—are inspired by the current trend of usage of hashtag for being relevant and up-to-date, making them quirky and ownable. The dialogue box represents staying well-informed and providing updates. As design elements they help to frame our people and messages.

The new font we use is called Ol Round Gothic Bold . It incorporates elements of clean and legible but soft and friendly letterforms.

We’ve got a lot of work to do.

If you’re as excited as we are about the work we’re doing, and with our mission and vision, learn more about life at Hashtag and explore our options that fits you the best.